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here I wont to talk about my experiance about webdesign.

My first result designing an homepage was:

Then I saw more beautiful websites and animations. So I wonted to rebuild my homepage to be more beautiful.

Also I choosed an design with registers. The positions and labels of registers were a little bit difficult to set. But somtimes later I've had the idea to position all with an table (and an table within a table within a table ...). smilie

Sometimes there were failures in showing and it was more difficult to find the bug within the tables I created.

At the end one visitor with an failure in sight said to me, that my homepage is'nt good to read. After this I was disillusioned. He said to me it's difficult to read my homepage with an screenreader, he needs to "read" pages. Some of my pages had 5 hierarchies of tables. So I thought, I should to change this design.

Sometimes I've heard the magical word CSS. I've informed about this and found an good technique, to separate design of an website from its content. The result You can see here.

But there were some more points for me to consider:

I hope my result (homepage-design) is good for You. If You are interested in knowing more about accessibility You should click at the links about CSS and accessibility. Please note this pages are at german language, but they have links outside to english pages.

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