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That's me!

Warrent of apprehension

Here you can get some informations about me.

That's not a photo of me because it's a painted picture, with all aspects of artifical freedom.

If you wont to see more of me here i'm standing rightside of (my) moose! picture of a laughing smilies

At this photo with my GIANT ONCE racing bike you should also look at.

If you want send an email to me, using the formular by clicking at contact. This works only if there is an installed mailclient at your PC, PDA or Mobile.

My facts:

attribut value
name Lefus (alias Detlef) picture of a laughing smilies
age 41
living at     Logo of Nuernberg-onlineNuernberg (Germany)
loved books The Lord of Rings (  J.R.R. Tolkien), Foundation trilogy (  Isaac Asimov),   Perry Rhodan
loved music Apocalyptica, Kari Bremnes, Dead Can Dance, DePhazz, Dido,
Fanta4, InExtremo, Letzte Instanz, Linkin Park, Manowar, Massiv Attack, Loreena McKennit
Mike Oldfield, Rammstein

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