Review and usage of the AccessKey numberpad at my homepage

Somewhere along the way of my search for examples of a better web accessibility i've found in 2002 at the homepage of the project named .
With this key pad everybody can offer the most used function with a similary and unique layout. I thought it's a great idea and realized it at my own homepage.
The idea is coming from Jan Eric Hellbusch. At his project page (see above) you can find downloadable sources of documentation and examples for a assignment of numbers.

Using the proposals of Jan Eric Hellbusch the numbers at the AccessKey number pad at my homepage reprensent:

At the moment i've not realized the last changes of key pad from mart 2006 at all of my pages. Some pages will be at the old layout and content and others are already realized with the following numbers. Changes will be done as far as possible.

1help (if available)
2next page (if available at this sublevel),
3previous page (zuletzt im Browser aufgerufene Seite = History-1),
4glossary/encyclopedia, here generally extern linked at main page of Wikipedia[en],
5especially function (if available)

For search and orientation:

7search or link to an extended search
8fast navigation (if available) or a content dependent choise, e.g. the preview of my downloadable articles written for PalmPaper.

At least the key 9 for contact:

9contact page

page up